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President Muhammadu Buhari, YOU LIED: Ogwashi –Ukwu Dam Has Not Been Completely & It’s Not In Your 2018 Completed Projects– Ken Eneduwa-George.

President Buhari & Ken Eneduwa-George.

An indigene of Delta State, who is from the Ogwashi Ukwa area of the state, Ken Eneduwa-George has come out to fault President Muhammadu Buhari’s claim during the 2019 budget presentation at a joint session of the National Assembly today that the Ogwashi Ukwu Dam was amongst project completed by his administration in 2018.

According Mr. George, “In the 2019 budget presentation today at the National Assembly, President Buhari listed Ogwashi - Uku Dam amongst other projects completed and/or commissioned by his administration in 2018, but this is a fat lie.

According to him, “This is a fat lie from the pit of hell, Sir. Ogwashi-Uku is my hometown, and where the dam is located is my village. I can tell you for a fact that no government official has set foot on that project since the beginning of your administration. The road leading to the dam has since cut into two and has become hazards to motorists, bikers and pedestrians. 

Furthermore, Mr. Eneduwa George elaborated his point by saying; “When I heard what the President said, I swiftly reached out to the LG chairman, Chief Isaac Anwuzia to know if the DAM project was miraculously completed and commissioned between last night and this morning. The LG chairman categorically said the project was abandoned since 2015.

He says further, Mr. President, you can lie in your campaign if you want, but try not to include my hometown in your "NEXT LEVEL" lies, Do you understand?

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