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REAPING FRUITS OF LABOUR, A Reward That Must Be Achieved Through Partnership, Collaboration & Hard-Work --- Bayo Osinowo.

Members of the campaign team with Bayo Osinowo.

The Senatorial Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC for the Lagos East Senatorial District, Hon. Bayo Osinowo, popularly called, Pepperito by his huge fan-based has identified these three component words, Partnership, Collaboration and Hard Work as the combination of words that will help him win the elections in 2019.

He made this assertion during the presentation of campaign buses to all his campaign coordinators in the 16 Local Governments in the zone, tasking them to work with him on the project as partners who are working for a common goal, collaborating in making that the messages of his promises are disseminated properly and to the nooks and crannies through hard work derivable with victory at the pools as the result.

According the Hon. Osinowo, “This is the most critical time of our campaign as all hands must be on deck to deliver this zone as always to the All Progressives Congress, even though I have no iota of doubt, nor fear in my heart that this is a done deal, but we must not rest until the victory which we all desire is won convincingly.

I also pledge, he continued, just as everyone who knows me and have worked with me knows, that I don’t renege on my promises and do not make promises I have no I no intentions of fulfilling. So, the victory that will come of out of this whole process will be victory for everyone of us here, as I will use my opportunity as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to uplift my people in the Lagos East, with an assurance that I will not disappoint you.

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