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See What "ILL-HEALTH" Has Done To This Very Talented Nollywood Actor, Victor Olaotan.

Mr. Victor Olaotan.
Mr. Victor Olaotan is an actor whose impact you can't ignore in the movie industry in Nigeria as he has over the years interpreted scripts given to him with alot of professionalism as he is well knonw to have been one of the leading lights on Africa Magic's soup opera, Tinsel.

Two years ago, Mr. Victor Olaotan was involved in an accident which left him incapacitated and now, he and his family is looking for money to have him flown abroad for medical attention to help save his life .

Fred Ade-Williams, as we all know him, needs our collective assistance now and every donation should be sent to his wive's account, Joan Olaotan, Stambic IBTC, 0001101396.

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