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Speaker, IMO STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, Acho Ihim Has Been Compensated For Leading The Impeachment Of The Deputy Gov., Eze Madumere.

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Guess who the Deputy Governorship candidate of the Son-Inlaw of the Governor of Imo State is? He is the Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, the over-bleached Hon. Acho Ihim, the stooge who was used to orchestrate the impeachment of the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere.

Somehow, when that impeachment process was going, especially with the way and manner this particular speaker was running around, taking instructions like a HOUSE BOY from the governor to make sure that Madumere was removed in office, I knew he may have been made a huge promise as compensation for his carrying out the bidding of the governor.

Imagine running around like someone who mistakenly bought the expired version of his BLEACHING CREAM, to make sure that an elected Deputy Governor is removed from office that he didn't follow laid down rules, procedures and regulations for an impeachment to be carried-out, but because he was promised the Deputy Governorship slot, behind the son inlaw of the governor, Uche Nwosu, he jettisoned all known practices of law to make sure the governors instructions are carried out to the later.

Such a shame, but in Imo State, everything is possible, especially when you have a Rochas Okorocha as Governor, who is hell-bent on covering all the sins he has committed against Imolites by putting in another stooge of his, pairing with this bleaching speaker, all in his bid to capture Imo State back to his net, while still milking her financially through the family business which he has instituted in the state.

It is therefore, not surprising that a few months after that impeachment which has been upturned by the court of law, the same speaker has appeared as the Deputy Governorship candidate of the the son inlaw of the governor, Uche Nwosu.

One-thing is certain in case, Uche Nwosu and Acho Ihim can never govern Imo State. Not in this life, nor in the life to come.

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