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SULE LAMIDO to NASIR EL'RUFAI: 2019 Presidential Election Is A Contest Between A Baby Thief & His Father.

Sule Lamido & El'Rufai.
The level of intolerance between politicians from the different political divide is gradually reaching its most dangerous points as they attack each other at the slightest provocation on Social Media and one begins to wonder why this is so, especially when these politicians are all coming from the same political family.

The most recent of such attack is the one between former Governor of Jigawa State and one of the Presidential Aspirants under the Peoples Democratic Party, Sule Lamido and Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El'Rufai who were involved in some exchange of words on Social Media the other day.

Nasir El'Rufai in one of his Media outbursts on Daily Trust said that the 2019 election will be between thieves and honest people and Sule Lamido immediately took a swipe on him, telling him that "The thieves gave birth to you, so, the election will be a contest between a baby thief and his father".

The way and manner Nasir El'Rufai opens his mouth these days and vomits things baffles me, especially it is the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, through former President Olusegun Obasanjo that gave him political life in this country.

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