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Vice Chair Of Ikosi-Isheri LCDA In Lagos, “Princess Bada Abolanle Samiat” Honoured By City People Magazine, Receives Awards For Her Contributions To Politics In Lagos.

Princess Bada Abolanle Samiat.
Vice Chairman, Ikosi-Isheri LCDA.

The Vice Chairman of Ikosi-Isheri Local Council Developmental Area, LCDA, in the Lagos East Senatorial District of, Princess Bada Abolanle Samiat was yesterday appreciated by the City People Media Group at her Political Awards, tagged, City-People Political Awards 2018.

The very beautiful Princess, received an awards for her “OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO POLITICS IN LAGOS”, which was given to her for her immense contributions in Political mobilization and support for politicians and politics at the very real strata which is the grassroot, showing that people are watching and taking note.

The Publisher of City People while extolling the virtues of Princess Samiat says that “this is one of the very few young women in the Lagos political sphere who are daily making contributions towards creating an egalitarian Lagos where everyone is given equal opportunity and representation.

I got to know, he continued, before she was elected Vice Chairman, watching to see if she would relent, but I can assure you that Princess as she is fondly called by all and sundry, has remained consistent, with humility and still carrying her people at the grassroots along even as one of the budding major players in the Lagos politics at the moment and I would like to ask that she remains her normal self, even as we appreciate her with this award to encourage her for better exploits in politics.

On her part, Princess Samiat says that she was shocked when her nomination for this award was brought to her notice, questioning what would have attracted a Media company such as City People to have the desire in honouring her, thanking them and everyone who has contributed to some of the little achievements she has made in politics so far, promising to do more as God enables and empowers her.

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