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When Your Daughter Brings Home The Son You Never Had As Her HUSBAND.

Pastor Chris and his Son In-Law.
You know, no one knows exactly what it means or feels like not to have a biological son, in a family with only daughters till they start getting married, leaving in your presence and you can't stop them, but get worried that they are moving into families that will absorb your children as their own, maybe even better than you did and then again................................!

The feeling a father who doesn't have a male child has when one of his favorite daughters brings home a SON in a Husband the father has been waiting for a long while?

That was the feeling the Bishop of Believers Love World, aka, Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had the day he gave his daughter, Sharon out to her Ghanaian husband in a wedding that turned out one of the very best weddings of 2018.

Looking at the picture used here, everyone will agree that Pastor Chris and his Son In-Law are completely in sinc with each-other, in a relationship that goes beyond daughter, son inlaw thing, but that of FATHER and SON, which goes far above extended family relationship.

You see, God has simply given Pastor Chris Oyakhilome a BRAND NEW SON through his lovely daughter, Sharon.

Congratulations my Darling Man of God.

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