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Who Exactly Want “CHIEF IKEDI OHAKIM” Back To Imo State As Governor?

Ikedi Ohakim.
Former Governor of Imo State.

In 2011, the current governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha defeated former governor, Ikedi Ohakim to become governor of the state, through an election that was rated as turbulent, with all the drama that characterized the election then, making it the most ill-fated election in her history.

Ikedi Ohakim left and five years after, precisely,iIn 2016, informed the world that he was taking indefinite leave from politics to pursue other interests like mentoring young, emerging politicians and growing his now defunct Igbo Conversational Group.

But two years down the line, Ikedi Ohakim is telling ndi Imo that his experience is our assurance. Though he has and reserve the right to chase his political dreams whichever way he deems fit, but the desperation he is showing to achieve this is worrisome.

A lot of people do not trust politicians today because a lot of them speak through their anuses, and if one take their words to the bank, the bank will collapse.

What exactly is he missing or left in that government house that he is in a hurry to go collect back? This is the reason politicians should have other genuine interests beside politics, including businesses interests to manage their boredom.

If Ikedi Ohakim had performed well as governor, would Rochas Okorocha have come to office?

Is it not shameful that after 8 years of leaving office, he still want to return to the same position? Should Ikedi Ohakim not be aiming higher, or atleast, be a political godfather by now, while raising young people to take over from him?

Who want Ikedi Ohakim back as governor in Imo State and what exactly is he coming back to do for us? Shouldn’t he be looking for other ways of giving back to Ndi-Imo than to ask to be governor again?

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