Ojukwu, El'Rufai & Bashir.

Bashir is one of the sons of Nasir El’Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, one of APC states and recently took a swipe on the leader of the defunct Biafran Republic, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, calling him a failed hero.

Bashir said this in one of his Twitter posts while reacting to a comment by one of his followers when he said that Ojukwu was from Enugu State, and not Anambra State.

When his error was brought to his notice, rather than apologize, the Governors son continued with the bashing and said, “Knowing your failed hero’s homeland that plunged misguided idiots into a civil war and ran away is not my concern. You do your research and find out his hometown.
“I could care less for the man. And he will forever remain a dent in our history.”

When the follower reacted by saying Ojukwu would remain greater than Governor el-Rufai, who kneels down to greet the President and others, Bashir said Ojukwu was a fearful man who ran away when the Nigerian forces were closing in on him.

He added, “Don’t cry please. Your hero was a failure that ran away when he saw imminent defeat. Get out of here.