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Shouldn’t Government Be A Continuum, As Udom Emmanuel Of Akwa-Ibom State Abandons Multi-Billion Naira “IBOM TROPICANA ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE” To Rot Away Like This?

Udom Emmanuel.
Akwa-Ibom State Governor.
Ibom Tropicana is in a sorry state. Far from politics, party affiliation and sentiments, Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Center was to be a modern leisure and business resort which was adequately situated in the heart of the capital city of Akwa Ibom State – Uyo. This multibillion Naira entertainment centre was designed to comprise not just a six-screen Cineplex, a five-star hotel, wet and dry park, conference centre, but also a large shopping mall. The facility was modeled after the Sun City of South Africa and the famous Disneyland in USA but unfortunately, it is now nothing to write home about.

 Our team of independent reporters paid an investigative visit to the area and as well walked around the Tropicana to see things for themselves; after engaging customers and staff who were willing to talk. The truth of how deserted the once cherished centre was, remained the yearning of everyone. To their (the reporters’) chagrin, the situation of the place was so terrible that, as the opinion they gathered earlier was just euphemistic; taking a look at the initiator’s plan for the place there are indications according to a customer that ” this is not how it would have been”. 
 “Believe me, the entertainment centre has been abused to an ordinary ‘film house’ where people go, buy popcorn and sit down to watch outdated movies.” said a customer who pleaded anonymity.
 Having a glance at the physical look of the area now, we cannot but weep over a great plan dying for lack of concern, maintenance culture and love for innovation. ” Without mincing words, the deterioration is as a result of government’s total neglect of the recreational centre” Aniekeme, a weekly visitor observed. After taking a tour around the facility, we discovered some unpleasant conditions that is driving people and businesses away from the relaxation centre; the name designed on top of the building has fallen off, which before now, was supposed to have attracted immediate attention and prompt intervention from the government, but the government is playing lazy about this situation.
The outlook of the place now resembles nothing but a poultry farm. When we turned to the other side to take a look at the supposed shopping mall, we could not believe our eyes, that the suppose shopping mall is fens round with condemned zinc. Taking a walk to the supposed 5Star hotel which was supposed to be a 14-storey building with 250-bedroom , we realized a building that is a sanctuary for reptiles and rodents, situated inside a forest and we could not ascertain if that could be the 5Star hotel that was once celebrated.
One might think that we are trying to look down on the government, but no, we are only trying to let the government know that there’s no substitute for performance. We think if the past government had started this project to 95% completion, the present government should’ve been able to complete it and also maintain the facility that is bringing lots of millions to the state account on monthly basis.
The only thing identified as being in good condition around the area was the two massive campaign billboard of the governor. The government should get back to the drawing board and make Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, what it is supposed to be, knowing that it is one of the most valued asset belonging to the state.


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