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Okechukwu, Asari & Kanu.

On Sunday, February 17, 2019 i had a live broadcast on Facebook like i always do from time to time. This particular day's broadcast was quiet intense and had so many viewers in real time, owing to the accuracy of my earlier prediction that the Nigerian elections were bound to be postponed, and that a "Plan B" by the incumbent would be activated upon postponement. Many people wanted to hear from "the man who saw tomorrow". Human beings! 

During that broadcast, i tried my best to connect the dots and prepare all for some of the most likely outcomes in the unfolding and ever changing Nigerian political theatrics. I think i did my best. But that's not why i'm writing this piece. 

Towards the end of my February 17 broadcast, i openly declared a word that i heard from the Lord concerning IPOB members and generally people who follow my brother, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I am not a prophet or a clergy man but for some reason, 99.9% of the time when i say "the Lord told me", whatever it is just happens verbatim! In this very case, i heard God clearly tell me to tell ipob members that they are pitching Him(God) against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. God said to me that if they don't stop "worshiping" him, that He would destroy both Ipob and Mazi Himself. It was as clear as listening to someone speaking directly to me in the room. 

Now, for people who don't know me well in this regard, i am the same guy who prophesied the 2017 python Dance in Eastern Nigeria that claimed lives and humiliated many,  three months before it happened! And it happened verbatim as i had said. Many people got to know me on Social Media because of this. In December of 2017, God told me that He would humiliate the "Wicked Kings of Nigeria" - the incumbent APC - Buhari regime. He told me to tell everyone that He (God) would begin with them in January of 2018. I was scared because 2018 was just a month away. I made that video declaration and before the end of January in 2018, Obasanjo's letter criticizing Buhari went viral, then later Babangida's, T.Y danjuma's, etc. Those were the processes that began the end of APC which we are all witnesses to today. In April of 2018, i declared that Atiku Abubakar would become the Colonial masters' "Plan B" as they already own Muhammadu Buhari. That also happened. And so many other accurate predictions.  

So, i am not one to play around with a word from God concerning any issue. That was why i declared openly for all to hear. God doesn't lie and He doesn't joke. I was skeptical when i heard those words because i actually thought that people were just being excited about the man and not worshiping him, but i heard the maker of all things yell into my ears saying, "tell them to stop worshiping him! I do not share my glory with any man!" Now, Mazi is my brother and to be honest, i need him to be alive. I don't know in what ways people are worshiping him but it's now up to those who think they're ascribing God's glory to Mazi to immediately cease and desist. Our duty is to love, respect and pray for our leaders not ascribe onto them the glory that belongs to our maker. And i believe that our people will do the needful. 

Well, when i was done making that declaration, i was meant to say something else which was right on my chest to say but i forgot. I felt bad that i forgot to say it and i wanna say it now because what i wanted to warn against during that broadcast has happened, almost less than 24 hours later. It is about Asari Dokubo. See, when i saw that video from Asari that was urging people to ignore the boycott order and go ahead to caste their votes, i knew my people would respond in kind and that bordered me so much. And sure enough, they did! 

Why was i bothered? I was deeply worried because, when we let our emotions get the best of us, we loose more than we gain. In a struggle like the freedom for Biafra, the last thing in the world that you would want to deal with is division. When Deji Adeyanju raised his voice against MNK and made very derogatory remarks - practically just insulting him and the rest of the igbo nation, i took him to the cleaners and the video went viral. Deji is an outsider to the struggle. Asari is an insider by virtually every standard. When an insider does something that we deem not so cool, we don't turn around and inundate them with vicious attacks like we've been doing in the Asari issue. We allow the leadership give informed and highly diplomatic response, all in the spirit of brotherhood. 

Our brothers from the so called "South South" are the same people we've labored so hard to win over. We can't settle down for Biafra without them. When Mazi was in prison, there was this news that they offered him the five South East states and he rejected the offer. Why do you think he rejected that offer? Because we are all one people with those they want to separate us from. With attacks like the one we're heaping on Asari, my worry was that Asari would respond and probably get a few of his own followers to respond and then a dog fight would ensue amongst brothers, to the amusement of the enemy - something that should never happen, if properly managed. 

True to my suspicions, Asari has now responded and it is not pretty at all. That dog fight is now active! To be honest, my heart is broken. The rest of the country will now turn around again and laugh at us. This has got to stop. I will personally reach out to the IPOB leadership and advice them in my capacity on how to manage situations like this to avoid this sort of unfortunate accumulation of bad blood. It's a huge sign of failure and failure at this time should scare everyone to death. If we loose everyone else in the partnership for freedom, what have we gained? Please don't be deceived, there is no way on earth that we can go at it alone and come out winning. We must continue to march as a united front if we really wanna make any impact. We must not let this house collapse. Ipob members, even before you hear from the leadership, please cease fire immediately! Stop attacking Asari Dokubo, even over the latest video. Allow the ipob leadership to find a way to sort this out. Remember, things we say in anger are always harder to heal from. Again, let's not burn down this house and regret it later. Let's give peace a chance and play the big brothers here. God is with us and this latest plan to divide us will fail, if only you will obey. 


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