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O'Diakpo Obire, Okowa & Ogboru.
The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Delta State, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and his All Progressives Congress, APC counterpart, Great Ogboru all ran away from participating in the BBC Pidgin Governorship debate in the State, after the governor had challenged all candidates to a debate to table what they have for the state.

Visibly afraid of being on the same platform with very bright candidates such as the candidate of the Progressive People’s Alliance, PPA, Dr. O’Diakpo Obire who prides himself as the best alternative to both the PDP and APC in Delta, the Governor and the candidate of the APC refused to show-up to possibly avoid the impending disaster that awaited them at the debate.

Those who saw the debate were of the opinion that it would have provided the Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa a vital opportunity to tell Deltans what he would do differently between 2019 and 2023 and then, give the people the choice of differentiating his promises with those of other candidates such as that of the PPA.
The PPA Candidate, Dr. Obire on the BBC Platform.
From findings, the debate had candidates from the AAC, AGAP, but that of the PPA, O’Odikpo Obire stole the show as he was evidently out to win the election with his full display of knowledge of the problems bedeviling the people of Delta State and knows exactly how to fix them.

According to him, ‘‘The problem we have in Delta is not the lack of knowledge or the understanding of it, but the lack of solutions to issues and problems here, and then, knowing exactly what to do to tackle those issues’’.

Delta State he said is one of the blessed states in the Niger-Delta, but with nothing to show for it. What stops Delta from being a Mega State like what is seen and obtainable elsewhere in the world, especially with the huge resource profile of the state and have these resources working for her citizens.
Obire with candidates of AGAP & AAC.

I will operate, O’Diakpo continued, a system of government that would make us not only responsible, but responsive and have this connection with the people that will open up the system for accountability and citizens probe of government spendings.

I will use the resources of Delta to create jobs for the state, raise minimum wage to what it should be, so workers in government offices would be proud to work and earn decent and living wages that goes home with every worker at the end of every month.

My vision, Dr. Obire said, is to take government to the people and make them participants as it concerns them and this is not the kind of things the PDP and APC candidates would ever want to here, hence their absence from the debate and it is on record that they initiated this debate in the first place by calling on all candidates, including myself during their various campaign flag offs to come for an open debate, but on knowing that a man of my pedigree and stands would be on the podium, they all chickened out for fear of being disgraced.

But, the picture is clearer now and Deltans know whose interest these men are working for. The debate have opened the eyes of the people of impending hardship in the state if any of the two candidates are voted in and I know that the people are wiser now than they were in 2015.

With the BBC Pidgin Governorship Debate over, the people of the state now have an understanding of who is more qualified to be their governor and would vote wisely to make the best, who is arguably the PPA candidate, Dr. O’Diakpo Obire wins.

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