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Mamman Daura Surrogate Presidency Vs Atiku's Presidency By Farooq Kperogi.

The CABAL Themselves.

If Mamman Daura (Nigeria's de facto president), Abba Kyari, Babagana Kingibe, Lawal Musa Daura and the other senile frauds in the Aso Rock cabal were competent people who had a clue about what it takes to govern a modern, 21st century nation, I won't be too worried that they're "demented" Buhari's puppeteers.

But these are extremely corrupt, fraudulent, prehistoric, and geriatric ignoramuses who have no earthly clue what real governance is about, who think Nigeria starts and ends in their insular cocoons, who are nearing their graves, and who have no care for the future of the country. They and their minions are right now viciously pillaging the resources of Nigeria at unprecedentedly stratospheric levels.

It's as sure as tomorrow's date that should "Buhari" win a second term, Tinubu and his minions would suffer deathly blows from the cabal. There would be a massive war of attrition between them. Sure, it would be a nice, entertaining spectacle to behold, but I fear for Nigeria should that happen. Governance, which doesn't even exist now, would be worse off. The nation's familiar fissures would widen and it might buckle under.

To be frank, an Atiku presidency doesn't excite me, and if Buhari weren't d other option, I'd never have even given it a thought. However, if Atiku were to become president, almost from day one, he would be tackled. No one will give him the benefit of the doubt.

I personally wouldn't. The comatose human rights and pro-democracy community would suddenly come alive. And since he doesn't have a core primordial constituency that would worship him and defend him like Buhari has, his only bulwark would be good governance to the best of his abilities. I'd rather have that than the travesty we have now where a bunch of clueless, senile, farouche and unelected provincials rule by proxy.

At least Atiku isn't beset by senile dementia and appears to be cosmopolitan and clued in. My ultimate hope, though, is that either Buhari or Atiku would be the last such leaders we would have. We need to move in a different direction after 2023 if we must catch up with the rest of the world.

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