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Kingsley Moghalu.

The Presidential Candidate of the Young Progressives Party, YPP, Professor Kingsley Moghalu during the weekend, met with entrepreneurs from diverse sectors of the economy and had a round table with them, geared toward keeping them abreast of his developmental plans that is supposed to broaden their businesses and help them grow.

The entrepreneurs drawn from all sectors of the economy, manufacturing, advertising, real estate, education, banking, media, transportation, etc, sat with him, discussing and dissecting his agenda to help turnaround the Nigerian economy when he becomes President, and to make for proper assimilation by those whose businesses would benefit more from his presidency.

According to the Presidential Candidate, ‘’I HAVE PLANS’’ and not promises like the politicians we have in Nigeria today who come to make promises to us and in another 4years, another sets of promises emerge without fulfilling the ones made the previous years.

‘’I am going to be the Education President, with exactly 20% of our national budget dedicated to education in the first year of my presidency and 30% from the second year. This is possible because all it will take is the courage to implement and as the President who believes that courage is the most important element of human existence, I will stretch beyond the ordinary to push that education is given its right of place through budgetary provisions.

What this will do for my government is that it would make provision for the full implementation of full free education in Nigeria, University Autonomy and stop the proliferation of Universities.

What I’m bringing to government, Kingsley Moghalu says further, is ‘’STRATEGY’’ and to me, strategy is differentiation, which makes you as president do things differently to change the old order. You cannot deliver on Plans, especially with the kind of desire I have to build a Nation, without changing the old order and as you all know, I came into politics from the outside, so, I will do things differently.

Speaking on the Economy, Moghalu says that in Nigeria today, what we have are leaders who are economic illiterates leading Nigeria and this is why the economy is not moving forward and at the pace she should be moving, but respite has come, because I will bring my wealth of experience from both the United Nations and the Central Bank of Nigeria. I will make Nigeria strong at home and powerful abroad.

What the meeting with Kingsley Moghalu did for me as a Mediaprenuer is to give me an assurance that my business and ideas will thrive under him, as he understands fully what the challenges are with Nigeria and how to fix them one after another.

Watch-out for another report on How Kingsley Moghalu’s Economic Policy Projections look like.

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