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Quincy AyodeIe, Maurice Iwu, Others Partner Ministry Of Health To Review Herbal Pharmacopeia In Nigeria.

Quincy Ayodele.
Foremost Herbal Practitioner and Slimmer, Quincy Ayodele was amongst other prominent herbal practitioners in Nigeria who were invited by the Federal Government to help chart a course for the development of herbal medicine in Nigeria.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Quincy Herbal Slimmers, Dr. Quincy Ayodele, the invitation was for the review of Nigerian Herbal Pharmacopeia between prominent practitioners and the Minister of Health.

Prof. Maurice Iwu, Quincy Ayodele and Others.
SHE SAYS” “I was invited alongside Prof. Maurice Iwu, (Pharmacognosist/ Bioresources Development & the Conservative Programme Chairman/ South-East), Hajia Zainab Shariff  (Director of TCAM Dept, WAHO Director) Dr. Adagazu, and other experts in the Committee. 
Dr. Quincy, Hajia Zainab Sheriff and others.

Quincy Herbals is always at your service. Looking for ways and means to improve our services to you. An Expert Committee member with the Fed. Min. Of Health, Eminent Professors and other successful personalities in the field of Herbal Medicine..
Your health matters to us.
You are in safe and loyal hands.

To every disease, there is cure in nature....Nature works and effectively too

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