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Uche Ogah.

In the last 24 hours, PDP and their agents have gone viral with a cheap ethnic propaganda that is meant to coerce people of Ngwa extraction and to blackmail people from other parts of Abia State. I have read their trending posts and such gibberish from the likes of Ememanka and Uche Olehi. Ememanka particularly attacked Rt Hon Martins Azubuike for his political choices and for choosing quality leadership against mediocrity. I got to my village yesterday in Ngwa to be told that they are trying to also force communities into this shameful agenda.

Unfortunately, they did not go to these communities to inaugurate projects done for them. They have not been able to give account of their stewardship, to show how much came into Abia coffers and what was achieved with it. They have not able to tell Nde Abia how our debt profile as a state rose from 24 billion to 107 billion in just 4 years. We have not heard from them what these borrowed monies and other allocations were used for. 

PDP just want to ride rudely on Ngwa sentiment to grab another 4 years to loot whatever that is left of Abia State, to nail the coffin finally and turn Abia into a cemetery. They are desperate, red blooded and have gone diabolical again dressed in Ngwa apparel. Ememanka even went as far as laying courses on people of Ngwa extraction who do not support their agenda, calling Ngwa deities to the show. Just because he is one of the criminal elements benefiting from the Abia cabal. This shameless young man has gone diabolical all in an attempt to sustain the Ngwa ethnic card orchestrated by the PDP. 

But they have failed. The God of Abia has risen in his power, all diabolic forces, dividers of the people of Abia and ethic mauraders will be put to shame. 

I am an Ngwa man and I consider this a cheap nonsense. No Ngwa man worth his salt will embrace mediocrity and poor prejudistic campaign on the alter of good governance. We are interested in the development of our communities and the empowerment of our people, none of which has happened in Okezie Ikpeazu's 4 years. He was busy frolicking and sharing Abia's resources with his friends and his godfathers and it didn't matter if he was an Ngwa man. For 4 years he did nothing to show us that his being an Ngwa man was for the benefit of an NGWA, although we expected him to transform the entire landscape of Abia State and make the Ngwa nation proud by showing that Abia State can move forward. 

Rather, he spent 4 years looting Abia State with a cabal that cuts across Abia State. He made T. A. Orji's sons who are none Ngwa billionaires and owners of shoprite with exotic cars worth hundreds of millions. He had his allies across Abia State who are none Ngwas who helped to pillage the state and did nothing for their people. They are the same people desperately seeking for his return.

 Whilst the cabal that is controlling Ikpeazu are busy shouting albeit deceptively that it is the Ngwa turn, in the last 4 years roads in Aba have been in bad shape and they said nothing about it, communities in Ngwa land are without roads, electricity, industries, good learning environment, hospitals, social intervention programmes and the likes. But Ikpeazu's friends be they Ngwa or Ohuhu have become billionaires. All in the name of Ngwa turn. That is shameful. 

We have learnt from the experiences of other people who have governed Abia and that of Ikpeazu, that where you come from does not make a difference, what matters is to have a governor, who irrespective of where he comes from can make a difference. T. A. Orji was chief of staff for years, governor for 8 years and now senator for 4 years and Umuahia his home place still remain a glorified village. Abia North has not become an Eldorado because OUK was from there. In fact it was OUK who incidentally  is from Abia North that built Ururuka road for the Ngwa nation, amongst others in Aba and Ukwa. At least under him salaries were paid and our children both in Ngwa land and other parts of Abia State went to school free. Although he and T. A. Orji did not become governors on the basis of zoning.

Dave Umhi of Ebonyi State came to power the same day with Okezie Ikpeazu. Today, Dave is campaigning for second term on his record of performance and not where he comes from. incidentally he is of the same party with Ikpeazu and opinions across party lines is that he has done well. Yet Abia has more resources than Ebonyi. 

In a nutshell, we are not interested where the Governor comes from, all we want in Ngwa land is good governance. If we have agreed that Ikpeazu has failed in the performance of his duty, it is shameful to pressure for his stay and to rubbish the Ngwa nation with such a propaganda. 

I don't know how much those who are pushing this agenda knows of the Ngwa people. But I can see that they don't know that Ngwa people are a people of conscience, they believe in truth, they are bold and courageous, they are contented and they are the most liberal people you can meet. This accounts for the reason they have not sought for dominance in Abia State despite their population and educational advantages. Average Ngwa man is liberal and does not believe in mob activities but can unite and rise to any occasion when there is a real threat. During the war, Igbo land was under threat, Ngwa people in their usual courage rose to the occasion and fought the enemies without waiting for others. History can bear witness that sabotage was not tolerated by Ngwas, accounting for the reason you don't have saboteurs in Ngwa land as you have in some other towns in Igbo land who became emergency millionaires immediately after the war, at the expense of Igbo nation. Ngwa nation lost a lot in terms of men and material. A pointer to the fact that an Ngwa man is selfless. 

Hence, Ikpeazu has no excuse whatsoever. The Ngwa nation should not be made to bear the shame of his poor performance. They gave him all the support he wanted 4 years ago and what he did with it, is his question to answer. No body should attempt to coerce any Ngwa man into any empty propaganda. What an average Ngwa man want is good governance, infrastructural development, enabling business environment, social support and respect for his dignity and right. No way for propagandists and cheap ethnic jingoism, Ngwa man does not support evil.

Most Ngwa people who are in support of Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah are doing so because they have his manifesto and it favours the Ngwa nation. They know of how he has used his personal resources to develop his community and to support people of Abia State, including Nde Ngwa. They know his capacity to deliver and his passion for Abia's development. Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah is a man of vision, he is a manager of men and resources and he is a man with a good heart. A man who can pour his resources out to develop his state and the people even when he has not been in power. A thing none of those shouting equity can do even with the money they have stolen from government. They have become billionaires at the expense of Abia State and the Ngwa nation. When they shared Abia's resources they did not invite Nde Ngwa, it was for themselves. But now that the good people of Abia State are vexed and ready to "Take Back Abia", they are looking for Ngwa man's head to break their coconut. 

But that will not happen. Ngwa man has become governor and that is already on record. Okezie Ikpeazu and his PDP collaborators has to answer for their sins and that cannot be inputted on the Ngwa nation. 

Again we have had an Ngwa governor, what we want now is good governance and development of Abia State. Hence, we support Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah. 

Great Imo-Jonathan writes from Abia State.

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