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Yahaya Bello & Dino Melaye.

You know, all the while, I had been under this illusion that there is nothing that could have come in-between these two former good friends other than A WOMAN, whom one may have CHOPPED and still liked, and the other went behind to collect am CHOP too, but how wrong I was.

I got a call last night from someone a bit close to Senator Dino Melaye and as we gisted, I took a slight break to ask, ‘’WETIN DEY BETWEEN DINO & YAHAYA BELLO’’ sef and he laughed his heart out.

‘’My brother, the thing wey dem dey fight for no be wetin people know oooooo and I’m sure they have not disclosed yet, as I supposed even Yahaya Bello should have spilt the beans since’’, but don’t know why they don’t see eye to eye and they don’t want to talk about it.

I asked again, tell me, ‘’WHAT IS THIS PROBLEM BETWEEN THEM’’?

My friend says: My former boss, Dino Melaye wanted to make himself a godfather of sort, or dictate to Yahaya Bello how to run the state and whom to appoint for what position he wished, but Yahaya Bello vehemently refused to be dictated to and cajoled around like a puppy.

Infact, the current Secretary to State Government, SSG in Kogi State is the recommendation of Dino Melaye, problem only assumed a different dimension when he told the governor to allow him chose who the Chairman in his Local Government is and others in his Senatorial District, but Yahaya Bello refused to allow him the privilege of toiling with his lieutenants who are supposed to be loyal to him.

This I heard was the beginning of the fight of all seasons between Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and Dino Melaye of Kogi West Senatorial District.


So, godfather dey hungry some people like this?

Because, they two were items as some point and it worries me sick that the devil has been allowed to build a mansion between them, but........I believe very strongly they will reconcile sooner or later, so, WETIN BE MY OWN SEF?

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