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You Were Better With Your Wife, Go Clean Up Please.................A Fan Blast Yvonne Jegede's Husband, Olakunle.

Yvonne & Olakunle.
Some fans of celebrities could be utterly very rude and uncut in their approach sometimes, to the extent that some go as far as pouring outright insult on these people to either get at them, or simply to debase them for whatever reason or reasons.

The estranged husband of Nollywood actor, Olakunle Fawole got a few this afternoon when he posted a picture of his after church and wrote;

"SUNDAY VIBES, MAY THE SUN SHINE WITH YOU, BLESS" with the blue picture above and one of his follower came and gave him the attack of his life with these words.....!

"U were better when you were with your wife...can u please do some clean up on ur face...? Lucky man to have married that pretty lady".

In his response, Olakunle says: "thank you and God bless".

Very mature response you might say?

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