BREAKING NEWS: Nollywood's Veteran, Clarion Chukwura Is Single Again, As Her Marriage To Her US Citizen Husband, Crashes.

Clarion & Anthony Loyd.
This will not be coming as a shock to alot of people who know the history of Clarion Chukwura with men across the length and breadth of Nigeria, and then, the world through her marriage to her US citizen former husband, Anthony Boyd, a union that crashed over a year ago and have had the actor move back to Nigeria to continue life as a single woman.

The lovers.
Clarion Chukwura had had a history of enjoying the pleasure of marriage (a very good quality of a woman) and can do anything to marry any man so long as it makes her happy, which is why she jumps from one man to another, seeking just one-thing, MARRIAGE, but it hasn't favoured her that much, as she is either divorced today, or getting into one tomorrow.
The two lovers.
According to information reaching us, the first problem Clarion encountered with her marriage to Anthony Loyd was his religion as a Jehovah Witness, which she's still trying to get full grasp of, and the fact that she is known not to have a man for tooooo long, so, she decided to come, to make some money with all the intricate stories associated with her come-back to the industry.

She is back, and now, the young actors are at her beck and call, but this part will be a story for another day.