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Former MISS UNIZIK (Priscilla Orafu) Whose Nude Pictures Went Viral As She Was Inserting A Plastic Bottle Of Coca-Cola Inside Her Virgina Marries.

Priscilla & her husband.
Priscilla Orafu was Miss Unizik in year 2013 when her nude pictures were uploaded online by those reports say were her friends, males for that matter, whom she fall out with and in their way to have their pound of flesh, decided to deal her a heavy blow by putting her nudes on Social Media.

Priscilla in her bad days.
It was alleged that Miss Priscilla was videoed by her friend inserting a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola inside her virgina as a means of masturbating herself, but today, her story has changed, Six Years after her ordeal, she finally got married to a man she calls the King of her Heart.
Priscilla as Miss Unizik.
Isn't this world a crazy place? When virgins and girls we would tag Holy Girls are wallowing on the streets looking for husbands, those who see as the sinners are marrying the best of men in the neighbourhood.

Priscilla is an example of a lady determined to take her future in her hands and make something out of life. irrespective of what her past was.

Today, she is a married woman, her past is gone, her today and tomorrow, she has already conquered.

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