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Gay Letter Magazine April Issue: 'I have been in a relationship for 3 years" - Frank Ocean

Interestingly, Popular American singer/songwriter,  Frank Ocean is the Celebrity to cover the April issue of Gay Letter Magazine.

The 34-year-old star who is known for keeping a low-profile opened up about his personal life and tackled a wide range of topics as he spoke at length with journalist Tom Jackson.

On his decision to do more interviews:

 I’m doing more lately. In an effort to do more, I thought, What do I actually like? What do I actually read and connect with? And your guys’ magazine is one of those things.

I always thought that was a misconception. I think the whole idea of me as a recluse is absurd ’cause I’m in the streets like all the time. I’m outside all the time, I’m travelling the world all the time.

It’s funny to me that that’s the perception, but I understand what people mean by it in this new paradigm.

I don’t know if it’s terribly calculated, but I’m just trying to put myself more into whatever kind of stream is going on here in culture.

I don’t think my feelings about the press have anything to do with how times are changing. I think it’s more a feeling.

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