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Governor Yahaya Bello’s Declaration For Second Term Sent Jitters Down The Spines of Diaspora Aspirants.

Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.

It has become clear that the declaration of Alh. Yahaya Bello for second term in Office has unsettled his opponents, many of whom had thought the party would fail and then die after the 2019 general elections in Kogi State.

Recently, Governor Yahaya Bello met with party stalwarts and members across the State. He thanked them for walking the talk by delivering massively for the party under his leadership in the 2019 general elections. He also declared his intention to run for second term in Office.
Immediately after the declaration, diaspora opposition pressed their panic button and ventured into rumor mercantile, spreading all forms of rumor.

First, it was that the Governor has not performed in Office. We didn’t fight them. We only rolled out 105 verifiable achievements in 39 months of stewardship. Like the rat who saw a cat, they ran away from that sentimental infantilism. 

The new disingenuous point they now propel is to insinuate the Governor was going to leave his party for a new ground. This viewpoint is not only a calorie from ignorance, but a confirmation of the confusion in the opposition camp.

Governor Bello inherited a battered party which was depleted by those who circumvented the constitution of the party. We lost seats at the National and State Assemblies to Court judgements and was barred from participating in the reruns.

He reorganized the party, gave fillip to the dynamics of inclusion and constitutionalism in the party. He provided leadership and registered over 500,000 new members in the party in an unprecedented drive. He supervised free, fair and credible congresses that was widely commended and also oversaw a nomination process which was a clear departure from the era of impunity.

The peaceful congresses and primaries were the clouds that delivered the torrents of successes recorded by the party in the 2019 general elections. The party won the Presidential election in the State, won two of the three Senatorial seats from the state, won seven of the nine House of Reps seats from the State and unprecedentedly won all the 25 Assembly seats in the State House of Assembly.

Because GYB was quietly doing his mobilization without noise, many of his opponents went to the National Secretariat prior to the general elections that with Bello, APC would not win a single seat in the State. Today, they are known for their lies! 

GYB has delivered to APC without making noise because he believes action is the language of great men. He is the darling of the party today because they believe he is a war commander that leads with the sole aim of winning. 

GYB will remain in APC and fly the flag of the party on November 2, 2019. He has the support of the Executives, leaders and members of the party. They recognize his voice as the Grand Commander of Kogi APC. 

We are looking beyond August. We are already working hard to win the Governorship election in November. He has built APC and he understands APC. He is the future of APC.

Those peddling campaigns of calumny in Abuja should come home to campaign. November election is about who will lead KOGI between 2020 and 2024. It is about our people.

We are not oblivious of the fact that some media houses have been “procured” to undermine the progress we are making in Kogi State. They should know that the pen that is mightier than sword is the pen of justice, fairness and objectivity. The people are stronger than “procured” pen.

GYB will be the candidate of APC in November’s Governorship election. It is those who have refused to support the party; those that worked against the party and claimed they are members of the party, that are actually looking for alternatives. 

When INEC and the party blow the whistle, we shall be ready to pick the ticket with ease. We  are already looking at November 2. 

GYB will not leave the house he has expanded to accommodate over 500,000 new tenants to become a tenant. He is the father of Kogi APC.

We urge all supporters and lovers of the Governor and Kogi State to dismiss the weak lies of those who have been jolted by the success of the Governor. NovemBello 2 is here!

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