I Was Called A Bastard, A Never Do-Well, A Product Of Of Rape: Helen Paul Says As She Dedicates Her PhD To Her Mum.

Helen Paul & Mum.

I have said repeatedly that Helen Paul is one woman, not just a Comedienne, who understands the rule of the game she is into and knows exactly how to play the game, far better than those who call themselves lords of the game, with being herself, and the kind of rare intelligence she possess, she had gone ahead of people who started way before her entrance into the entertainment industry and has surpassed them all in all ramifications.

On the 4th of April, the all round-entertainer became the first in her line of business to obtain a doctorate degree, PhD in Theatre Arts from the prestigious University of Lagos UNILAG.

“What a resounding achievement by a young woman who was not given a single change to excel in life”.

In a post she shared on her social media page, Helen dedicated her PhD to her mum and also revealed that she was conceived by an act of rape.

She wrote:
”I HELEN PAUL dedicate this Doctorate Degree to my mother, who gave birth to me out of rape, and people told me I wouldn’t amount to anything in life.

I grew up hearing from family members that I am a “Bastard” and each time I asked you Mum, you said (Olorun lon wo omo werey, Olorun ma wo e) meaning: God watches of the child of a mad person, he’d watch over you.

Mummy, I want to you know that I love you, I might not buy you a Benz now because I don’t have a Pant yet but this certificate will amount to something great.

They say fame is nothing but Grace is everything and I pray for grace in everything I do and as I’m not a Cele member but Late Osofa gave me the name and everything Late Osofa said about Helen Paul are all coming to pass.

I dedicate this to every mother. May God make you strong enough to survive and enjoy the fruit of your labour.