Nollywood's Regina Daniels Showcases Her Engagement Ring, Says The World Can Now Continue To Talk.

Regina & Her Man.
It is now official, and not speculation anymore, as Nollywood actor, Regina Daniels uses style to tell world people that it is now very true with the showcasing of her engagement ring to the world.

Regina Daniels I hear had to do the very necessary thing to help dispel speculations and to set the records straight, that she is not cutting show, but now the owner of the show, so those still busy over-working themselves on matters that are not their business, can now go to sleep permanently.

So, she had to showcase, while driving round in what seemed like a new ride, a Lamboghini, her ring to tell the world that she is no longer in the market place.

Regina is in a relationship and we all know who the man is, so, let the matter die. She is taken, that settles it.