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REGINA DANIELS vrs NED NWOKO: The Union Between Two Consenting Adults Should Be Let ALONE (Part 1).

Rt. Hon. Ned Nwoko & Regina Daniels.
The Media has been awash recently with stories of the relationship between Nollywood Actor, Regina Daniels and her man, Rt. Hon. Ned Nwoko, with people forming opinions as to how they should and who shouldn’t be in a relationship and with who, as though they have the right to their lives and the lives of others, making choices for people who love themselves and have decided to be together.

As a blogger, I had known about the relationship between Hon. Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels from when it kick-started, but I told myself that these two are simply adults who should be allowed the privilege of enjoying their relationship in private, which was why the very first time I decided to whet the appetite of my readers on facebook with the pictures of the beautiful house Regina bought for her mother, I deliberately omitted the name of the real hand of Jacob in the whole equation, because I felt, that this man didn’t need the kind of exposure it was going to bring his way as a politician of National repute.

Well, the public now knows, but knows from the wrongest of views and opinions, which is why I decided to express my personal view, IF IT DOES MATTER ANYMORE, about these two, whom I strongly believe should be let alone to enjoy what they have together.

Now, let me put this straight for my colleagues, that Regina Daniels is a grown woman, not below 18 years and therefore, reserves the right to do with herself, whatever pleases her as an adult, especially when she has no intentions of breaking any law of the land or have broken any yet. So, if she decided to date or marry former Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe, or former President Olusegun Obasanjo, it should be her business and that of the man she is in a relationship with and mine or your opinion should not define how she should live her life.
Prince Ned Nwoko.
Rt. Hon. Ned Nwoko on the other hand, is no kid at all and therefore knows exactly what rocks or should rock his boat and if what rocks his boat is Regina Daniels or my over 18 years old younger sister, and the two of them agree to be together, then, WHERE IS THE CRIME?

Yes, I personally do not exactly like the excessive exposure by Regina Daniels of all the things she has recently acquired, but that is my opinion and I should never lord it over her or anyone else for that matter, as we are entitled to live our lives the way it pleases and makes us happy, so, if showcasing her blessings is another way of showing gratitude, who then am I to question her decision to live her life a certain way?

Prince Ned Nwoko has been accused of marrying many wives and I ask, WETIN CONCERN ME? People must understand that this man is first of all, an adult who is only accountable to his God, then, a Muslim, who live on the principles of the Holy Quran and if marrying more than one wife is allowed by the religion he practices, WHAT PROBLEM DO YOU HAVE WITH THAT and if it didn’t matter to Regina Daniels that he has 1000 wives like Solomon in the Holy Bible, why then do we drink Panadol for someone else’s headache?
Regina Daniels.

These two have made their choice to be together as man and woman, and until otherwise stated, we should allow them the space to enjoy their relationship, devoid of interferences and dictates on what they should do and how they should live.

Maybe, some of us have forgotten that the man in the centre of the storm, the in-coming Senator representing Delta North senatorial district, Rt. Hon. Ned Nwoko is an experienced man, who has never been known to treat women or anybody for that matter badly, and the case of Regina Daniels won’t be different, as she is in for a lifetime of bliss and quality relationship, so, let’s let them be.

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