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AIR PEACE AIRLINE: The Height Of Wickedness, Disregard & Insensitivity By PR Consultant, Mazi Bugie Okhuemoi.

Airpeace MD & Mazi Bugie Okhumoi.

With growing concerns about safety in our airwaves, airlines are expected to be the best of what they do, but this is not the case with airlines flying in Nigeria, for they take their customers for granted as is the complains of this regular flyer on AirPeace, Mr. Mazi Bugie Okhuemoi, who narrated how unpleasant the treatment he received from the airline was when he flew them recently.

We finally boarded The @flyairpeace flight from Lagos to Benin which was initially scheduled for 3:20pm at about 4:50pm. We arrived Benin a few minutes to 6, and proceeded to claim our baggage.

After about 5 boxes had cone through the belt, a staff walks up to all the waiting passengers and casually says "pls due to space issues on the flight these are the only bags we could bring. The rest will come tomorrow by 10:30"...

Just like that?

An elderly man's medications are in his bag left behind.

A photographer who is coming to cover an event he is already late for tonight and for which he has been paid, has all his equipment and gear in his bag.

A guy whose driver is waiting at the airport to take him to Owerri tonight is confused.

A guy who is in Benin for a presentation by 8 am tomorrow has all his materials in his bag.

'Too shocked and bewildered to even describe the situation I am in. 

Why weren't we told in Lagos? How do you just decide to leave luggage in Lagos not caring the consequences it has for the owners.

Air Peace this is the height of wickedness and absolute disrespect and disregard for customers.

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