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"Avoid Girls Below 25" - Newly Married Man Says, Gives His Reason.

A Newly married Nigerian man has advised his fellow men to stay away from women who are less than 25 years old when they are looking for a woman to get married to.

@OlaseniOladejo tweeted:

 "Guys, let me tell you something. Avoid girls below the age of 25 if you can. And it's nothing to do with money."

Explaining how his opinion was formed, he said:

 "LMAO. This is strictly from my personal experience and a few others; It usually the peak of attention period for many and will have their hearts all over the place. It also the period they'll begin to figure out what they really want. They are ready in another 2 years.
Olaseni, who recently got married, added:

"Let me say it again. If you are ready to marry, avoid women under the age of 25 except you are very sure and can vouch for the stability of their emotional state of mind. Don't play yourself."
He, however, pointed out that some women above25 are mature enough to handle marriage and his opinion doesn't apply in their case.

See the rest of his tweets below.

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