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Biyavanga Wainaina: Reno Omokri Blocked On Twitter For Homophobic Comments.

Biyavanga Winaina (left), Reno Omokri (Right)
"Don't embrace homosexuality, its a risky lifestyle" comment by Reno Omokri has earned him a block from top literary critique, Ikhedi Ikheloa.

Following the death of the 2002 Caine Prize winner for African Writing, Binyavanga Wainaina, who died of HIV, Reno Omokri took to social media to slam those who want to force his sodomite lifestyle on Africans.

He wrote:

“Binyavanga Wainaina’s death is sad. But it is a teachable moment for those who want to force the LGBTQ lifestyle down our throats. 
It is a risky lifestyle. It leaves you susceptible to HIV/AIDS. If you have those urges, FIGHT it. Don’t EMBRACE it. 
I understand the rationale behind the tributes now pouring in, but we must be careful. Glamourising the gay lifestyle is not the way to go. 
Man fell in the Garden of Eden. One of the consequences of that fall is that we all have our sinful tendencies. 
Some of us have criminal tendencies. Some of us have tendencies to lie. Others have tendencies to overeat. Our cross is to fight our baser tendencies, not give in to them.”

Reacting to Reno's slanderous comment, Ikhedi Ikheloa wrote;

Ikhedi Ikheloa.

Reno, you are despicable. And for this I am blocking you.

A Twitter user brought the notice of the block to Reno Omokri who eventually reacted;

 Dear @ikechiugwoeje,
So Ikhide @xokigbo attacked me? I only just found out. Please verify what I am about to say from Ikhide himself. Ikhide has blocked and unblocked me 3 times. Each of the times he unblocked me, I never begged him to unblock me. He obviously finds me IRRESISTIBLE. I don’t know why and don’t want to know. He has called me his “son” that he is “pleased with” and “proud of”. Please either verify these directly from Ikhide or just Google it. So it is not his current block you should be concerned with. It is his mental and emotional stability. I have nothing against HOMOSEXUALS, but I have everything against HOMOSEXUALITY #FreeLeahSharibu
HIV has no gender or sexuality, the thought of blaming the widespread of HIV on homosexuality is outrageous, and uncanny, Another User had said.

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