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Counsellor Lutterodt: "Stop Bashing Women Over Cosmetic Surgery".

Ghanian Based Relationship Expert, Counsellor Lutterodt has urged Africans to stop bashing/criticizing Women who have undergone cosmetic surgery.

According to the relationship expert, It should be nobody's business what these women do with their body as they won't bear the consequences with them.

He said;

‘Women are very important in society and God knows why he brought the last thing call women to men. Women enjoy the wealth and riches of men, don’t lose yourself for anything, look beautiful, presentable, catchy, and remember this life you are living, the only permanent thing in life is death, the second permanent thing is poverty, use what you have to get what you want and pay for the consequences later,’ he stated.
“When you see any woman who has spent money to enhance her breast or injected her buttocks to make it look attractive, the only reason why that was done was for the appreciation of men.
“If you are poor you can’t pay for that service, shut up, same way if you are also ugly and you know you are ugly not because you have inner beauty but you are ugly, and you have money to do it, don’t condemn those who have done it, go and pay, enhance so that you can call for attention.”

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