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Film Maker., Emem Isong Loses Dad.

Emem Isong'S Late Dad.

Nollywood Film Maker., Emem Isong has just lost her dad, the film maker, in her bereaved state took to Instagram to express herself with a touching caption.

she wrote;

Emem Isong

One is never prepared for the death of a parent. Even when they’re ill, no matter how one has braced up for the eventuality of their passing, the grief still hits hard. And so I am left grieving, with the weight of this loss resting on my already broken heart. But in all things, we will continue to thank God for a life well spent and fulfilled. You have ran your race, Jesus has taken you back home to rest. In the end, God’s will always prevails. Adieu Papa, we will definitely meet again on the resurrection day.😢😢 Your Adiagha

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