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Giant Octopus Sucks Unto Lady's Face As She Tried To Eat it Alive

This is the moment an octopus decided he wasn’t going to be lunch and staged an impressive fight-back.

A Chinese live-streaming host was attempting to eat the eight-armed creature alive.

But the octopus fended off her efforts by sticking to her face with its suckers.

Video footage shows the woman smile for the camera as she starts to eat the delicacy.

But she soon starts screaming in agony after it attaches its tentacles to her skin. At one point, the octopus manages to grab hold of her eye as she struggles to release the suckers from her flesh.

The 50-second clip was filmed by a blogger known as ‘seaside girl Little Seven’ on the popular short-video platform Kuaishou. At the start of the footage, she can be heard telling viewers ‘look how hard it’s sucking’ as she attempts to remove a tentacle from her upper lip. The octopus was clearly not going down without a fight and would not let go.

‘Seaside girl Little Seven’ starts to scream, telling viewers that it is ‘painful’ and ‘I can’t remove it.’ The creature is tightly clamped to her left cheek as she struggles to pull it off her. Once she removes the octopus, she declared tearfully ‘I’ll eat it in the next video.’

The creature left a small wound on her cheek, which the vlogger is distraught about. She cries ‘my face is disfigured’ to the camera and shows a tiny amount of blood.

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