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Gross!! Landlady Shocked At The State Of Toilet After Tenants Moved Out.

A landlady identified as Nathalie Ruangdet has taken to Facebook to expose her former dirty tenant who left his toilet in an extremely dirty state before packing out.

Nathalie Ruangdet went to check the apartment after the former tenant had left the key with security and didn’t demand for his deposit.

The rooms looked okay but the toilet looked like it had not been cleaned in nine years, Ruangdet said.

She, however, said the dirty tenant was a very good guy, shows so much respect. Sometimes he didn’t pay on time but covered up with three months in one go. Apart from this he was a good and long term tenant.

Read what she posted:

It’s dirty, isn’t it?
We have a small rental room size 33 sq in the middle of the road, the person rented 9 years ago. Many days ago, the tenants called to inform me that they moved out and did not ask for the deposit fee back. Ready to bring the key to the security guard. Where we live today, this morning is a holiday, so we checked the room. 
The bathroom looks like never cleaned it all the time in the first place. I wonder if the room was abandoned, but many times the tenants didn’t pay rent on time. I thought it shouldn’t be rented out, including the maid of the building, confirmed that the tenants live every day. 
I personally feel that the tenant  is the one who has been calling to inform whether  he will pay slowly or pay for 3 months. It’s not wrong. It’s not wrong at all. It’s been a period of 9 years.  We are not angry at all. We are just wondering how you live. In the room like this, he is a good person. He just lives another strange corner.

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