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I Did Everything Possible, Including PROSTITUTION To Put Food On The Table For Myself & Daughter When My Father Chased Me Out For Being Pregnant At 14 --- Nollywood Actor, Ada Ameh Says.

Ada Ameh.
Emuakpo Johnson is her name on the popular TV Series, The Johnsons and she is one of the female actors whose sojourn in the entertainment industry has paid off, after many years of trials and errors, trying to find her fit, but today, she is one to be reckoned with in Nollywood.

Ada Ameh, a woman who has seen it all and has risen from the dungeon of poverty, deprivation, denials, rejection and lack, from having a child at age 14, to being driven out of the house, to dropping out of school, to trying to protect the man who impregnated her. Everything was bad.

On today's edition of "Your View", a current affairs talk-show program on TVC Lagos, Ada Ameh who was the celebrity guest on the show narrated how she had battled with drug abuse, smoking of Indian Hemp, Drunkenness, Homelessness, Prostitution and other challenges she faced, while battling to keep herself and her child safe.

According to her, "Forget the stardom, I will be as sincere as possible. I went to and through hell and back in my bid to find my footing after my father chased me out f the house on discovering that I was pregnant at 14 years".

My father was completely disappointed in me, infact, that was the first I saw a man cry with tears rolling down his chicks, because according to him, I was his hope, being the first daughter of the family and out of frustration, he had to chase me out of the house and then, the suffering of life started, with friends hiding to sneak me into their houses at night to sleep.

But today, I give God all the glory as I am gradually overcoming my addictions and getting off alcohol with immense effort and dedication.

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