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IK OGBONNA vrs TONTO DIKEH: IK's Estranged Wife Says She Stands With Tonto Dikeh Against Her Husband.

Tonto, IK & IK's Wife.
Nollywood actors, IK Ogbonna and Tonto Dikeh have been at war for a while now. Though it all started when IK shaded Tonto for calling out her ex, Tonto took it up from there and even threatened to sue him while also implying he is gay. Anyway, whenever Tonto Dikeh publicly insults him, she never hesitates to imply he is gay, that has been her keep point.

Now, Sonia and Tonto have been openly showing one another love. Yesterday, Sonia says her son, wants a baby sister, and she doesn’t know what to do. Tonto left a love emoji on the post, while Sonia replied with love emojis.

A fan was however quick to correct Sonia, saying it is wrong for her to take sides with Tonto, but both Sonia and Tonto Dikeh has ignored the fan.

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