Nigerian Lady Who Supported President Buhari, Halima Waziri Apologizes To Goodluck Jonathan, Says She Only Found Him Out After Leaving Office.

Goodluck Jonathan & Halima.

The real meaning of a proverb which says that we don’t know the value of what we have till we lose them came to fruition recently when an Hausa lady who supported President Muhammadu Buhari like some of us came out to publicly apologize to former President Goodluck Jonathan for all she said and wrote against before the 2015 presidential elections.

According to her:, My name is Halima waziri and I would like to use this medium to officially apologize to former President, Goodluck Jonathan for criticizing and condemning your administration in the year 2015. It was until after you left office in 2015 that I realized the kind of person you were, a man of integrity not acclaimed integrity, a real Democrat not a dictator.

Looking at what is happening with our Democratic system today, I recalled one of your post on your Facebook wall on  8th Jan.2015 which you wrote:

"My dear Facebook friends, I have said it before and I will continue to say and live by the fact that my ambition, and indeed the ambition of anybody, is not worth the blood of any Nigerian.  

Therefore, I urge all Nigerians to look forward in hope as we fulfill the dreams of our founding fathers to ‘build a nation where peace and Justice reign. In that regard, we must make the election of February 14th, 2015, a contest amongst brothers rather than a struggle between foes.