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Rihanna & Mum On The Covers of Queen Riri's Fenty Fashion Line.

Rihanna and Mum
Her first Fenty fashion line becomes available to purchase online on Wednesday. So it's no surprise that Rihanna is heavily promoting the collection on her Instagram as the clock ticks down.

The pop star and businesswoman has even recruited her mom Monica to help hype the designs, sharing pics of the two of them together on Monday.

Rihanna wears a tan mini skirt with a matching baggy tan jacket with black lining in the shots.
Her mother sports a pair of square-shaped sunglasses which presumably are also from her daughter's collection.

She wears a pretty floral-themed tiered dress and pale blue pointed toe shoes.
The new Fenty label offers ready-to-wear clothing, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and other accessories.

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