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SHOCKING!! Meet The Worst Serial Killer Who R*ped & Murdered 23 MEN.

One of America's worst serial killers, Ronald Dominique, r-ped and murdered at least 23 men over nine years.

He was dubbed 'The Bayou serial killer' by the media after his arrest on December 1 2006 when his sick crimes came to light.

But because of his victims were mostly homeless men his name does not attract the notoriety as more infamous killers Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer.

Their bodies were found dumped in remote suburban and rural areas outside New Orleans.

All were found bound and had been killed in similar fashion, leading investigators to suspect the work of a serial killer.

Dominique, 55, is now serving eight life sentences in prison after he pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty.

The twisted serial killer is thought to have started his campaign of violence and death in July 1997.

In his confession, Dominique said he frequented gay bars and targeted men he thought would be willing to have s-x for money.

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