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Late Emmanuel.

His name is Emmanuel Balogun, 17 years old, his only sins were that his parents had money and that their female classmates were always talking about him and so, they decided to allow him die in the pool of the Dome Hotel Abuja last weekend so they wouldn’t have need to be shown the wealth of his parents and the girls talking about him anymore.

He was in the company of his friends.  The friends didn't report to the hotel mgt what had happened nor to the deceased's (Emmanuel Balogun) parents. They went back to the school (Uni Abuja) hostel immediately after the incident. 

On Monday a young girl from Uni Abuja called the mother of the deceased that they did not see Emmanuel her son in class. She went further to tell the parents it's like something has happened to Emma and ended the call. 

The mother called back the line but it was switched off. She notified her husband & they immediately placed a call to their sons number and it was off. They drove that Monday night to their sons hostel but met his absence. They now got information that a party was thrown for fresh year students over the weekend at the Dome hotel in town and they set out for the hotel. 

The hotel mgt told them on arrival that there was a case of drowning in their hotel over the when'd & directed them to the police. The police now led them to the mortuary, lo & behold it was their son.

When the family went to the police to see  the CCTV footage of what transpired @ the hotel, they discovered that the deceased entered the pool with 3 of his friends and around 3.33am he started struggling in the pool. His friends where all watching him until he stopped struggling and drowned. 

They all left the pool immediately and one took his handset the other took his trouser and brought out the money inside the pocket and wore his shoes. They left the hotel around 4.18am according to the footage we saw. 

The police went to the school & affected the arrest of the trio and mgt of the hotel. At the DIG's office yesterday afternoon, I heard something that has being giving me cold shivers all through yesterday and right now. 

One of the boys said that he wanted to raise an alarm to save the boy but the other two boys asked him not to. That the deceased is always doing shakara because his father his rich, he went further to say that the other one said all the girls are always admiring the deceased so he should let him be joor. These are just mere 17 yr old boy. 

Watching the CCTV footage where the friends were watching him drown and collectively decided, cos there was a time they grouped together to discuss for about a minute & from the confession of one of them is not only traumatic for me but also disheartening. They watched their "Friend" die out of jealousy & envy.

According to them, it was the deceased that paid 2k each gate fee for them and also bought fish and juice which they all drank. These are mere teenagers with that kind of heart. 

According to the DIG, A lot of people are being murdered daily because of envy from friends, no doubt, there are good and wonderful friends but also, know ye, there are also friend-enemy everywhere. So be extra careful and prayerful for the love of many has really waxed cold.

The young man was buried yesterday amid tears.

Story gotten from Becky Madojemu.

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