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Those Calling Me ‘Baba Go Slow’ Will Be Shocked In My Second Term - Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari said he will move to make the police and the judiciary to be more efficient in his second term which begins on Wednesday.

President Buhari was speaking in an interview broadcast nationwide Monday night. The President rated the leadership of the national assembly on patrotism.

While speaking about the federal executive council, the president said he has not identified those members to remove.

He said his administration will focus on improving infrastructure and challenged those who call him ‘baba go slow’ to watch out for the next level.

When asked if he will be more ruthless in his second term, he said, “Those who call me ‘baba go slow’ will see whether I am slow or fast.”

When asked to explain further, he said, “It means I will persuade the police and the judiciary to be hard and where I uncover that they are not hard, I will find out who is responsible for the slowness in terms of command from the DPO upwards.

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