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TRAGEDY: Could Nollywood & Ghanaian Actor, Chris Attoh Have Really Killed His Second Wife?

Chris and Bettie.
I had reported earlier today about the looming divorce between Nollywood and Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh and his second wife, Bettie Jennifer which occurred a few weeks back, and had the actor deleting everything linking them together on his Social Media platforms, including their wedding pictures, only to wake up this morning to the news that the same former wife had been shot dead in far away America.

Well, the story says that Jennifer who only got married to Chris 7 months ago after he ended his marriage with another Nollywood star, Damilola Adegbite, left her office in the 6300 block of Ivy Lane and while walking to her car, an armed man with a handgun approached her and as she ran, the man followed and shot at her multiple rounds, with one strike hitting and killing her on the spot.

The Greenbelt Police Department in the US described the killer as a black, having a thin built with black hair, wore a dark clothing. ALL THESE DESCRIPTIONS FITS ONLY LEADS TO ONETHING.

Investigations have it that it was for the reason of marrying the rich and American citizen Bettie Jennifer, that made Chris end his marriage with very beautiful Nigerian actress, Dammy whose marriage to him produced one of the most handsome sons any husband should be proud of, but for his quest for what is not his, he decided to ditch the Nigerian actress for the American based 44 year old business mogul and got married to her almost immediately the first marriage crashed.

Chris Attoh we hear claims to be in Los Angeles shooting a movie and had flown to Maryland following the murder of his wife, but if truly he did kill this woman as being reported across platforms, either by himself or through someone, the American authorities will find him out and deal with him. We hope this is not so and that our darling Chris is innocent of these speculations.

How does a woman die few days after a disagreement that was leading to divorce?

This was exactly what he almost did to Damilola Adegbite, till she decided to leave with her life intact and now, this?

With the description given by the American police about what the killer looks like, everything about him will undergo thorough scrutiny forthwith. His call logs, text messages, emails, everything about him and if found wanting, he is a gonna.

When will save this man?

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