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Veteran Sports-Caster, Aisha Falode Celebrates Late Son, TOBA FALODE, Who Would Have Been 25 Years Old Today.

Toba & Mum.

It was pain, anguish, sorrows and completely bad time for quintessential broadcaster, Aisha Falode and her family when she lost her very own lovely son, who was schooling in far away United Arab Emirate, UAE, but was allegedly thrown down a high-rise building.

Lady Falode has mourned, but today, is celebrating Toba as he would have turned 25.


You were my man, you grew from my little man to my little big man. You made me laugh so much, you brought joy unbounded. Today, I lace my finger through yours, they are stronger, they are bigger, they are firmer. I look up and I see you smiling down at me, tall and proud. Your eyes, oh your eyes, the twinkle I remember so vividly, they are still aligned to your glorious dimples...oh, yes they look down at me, straight into my eyes and I see the man you are now, good natured, successful, kind, dependable...the man you should have been this day, May 19, 2019. 

My dearest heart, my blessed son, Toba are 25 today, you would have been 25 today...yet you are.

On earth, you were so different, brilliant, making music for humanity, music which touched the pains of human kind, today, Toba...your story has reached the ends of the Earth, your victory has inspired mankind and your spirit grows with me as I grow older everyday.

Man must be born, man must die. I take solace and consolation in the Lord and wonderful, bright memories of your memorable life with us.

We know you want the grieving to stop, your eyes tell me, "Be Happy Again"...we shall be happy again, when we meet again.

My young man, Happy Birthday, on your 25th Birthday. 
May God keep you in HIS bosom as your light illuminates the world, my Star.

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