Go Back To Nigeria!!!! Watch Heat Wrenching Video Of Nigerian Woman in Ghana Crying Out In Pains As Ghanian Men Beat Her & Scatter Her Shop.

As the day goes by, More and More Nigerians experience Xenophobic attacks, It is very saddening and something should be done as soon as possible.

A short clip revealing an awful scenario of Ghanian men beating and assaulting a Nigerian woman who happens to be a spare part dealer in Ghana has gone viral on the internet.

"This is totally unacceptable" are the mere reactions of Most Nigerians.

In the video, the helpless lady in tears said;

"You Can Do To Me Whatever You Like Cos I Am In Your Country"
This is what many Nigerians face from Neighboring countries.

You can watch the video below, keep sharing this story till it gets to the Authorities..