MC Galaxy Gifts Ubi Franklin The Sum Of N3M For Contributing To His Rent Years Back.

Mc Galaxy is on a reward giving spree this time around, days after he gifted his Music producer a benz for helping him produce sekem without collecting Money from him then, the singer,MC Galaxy paid forward a good deed music executive, Ubi Franklin, did for him so many years ago.

The singer shared on Instagram a written cheque of N3 million in Ubi's name and explained why he was gifting the music executive such a huge sum of money. He wrote

''This life is funny, seven years ago I needed help to pay house the total I needed was 350k. So I asked a lot people for help, and no one could help me, so one of those days I went to Ubi Franklin house that I needed help with rent and he gave me 100k and cloths and I was able to hustle money to add and pay my rent, because at the time 100k then meant a lot to me it was 10 million Naira to me, so every time I had a new song to drop I will go to him and play for him “ I go Calabar” to “Sekem” etc. So I know I cannot pay him back for the favors and values but this is a token of appreciation to say thank you for everything @ubifranklintriplemg

However, some fans find is act of appreciation riculous and Uncalled for, A Social media user known as Dapohigs wrote;

If this is true and not a plot between ubi and mcGalaxy then I say he really tried but why is social media making grown people lose their common sense? This ought to be private for heaven sake. Even the Bible says don't let ur left hand know what ur right hand did. If u must tell people u gave someone a gift so that it can encourage others to be givers then hide the name of the beneficiary. When u display d help u do for others,then no blessing is attached to makes u look proud and cocky. Very childish. *sigh