NEW! Dad's Hand Butchered By Train, Reattached By Pioneering Surgery.

A man whose arm was ripped off by a train has had it reattached to his body after a ground-breaking seven-hour operation.

Ahmedabad Gujarat, 28, had been waiting to board a late night service when he slipped and fell into a gap between the platform and the train.

The dad-of-three, from Mumbai, west India, then saw the train carriage run over and slice off his limb. Gujarat, from Mumbai, west India, was rushed to hospital while his friends carried his unattached arm in a plastic bag.

He was admitted to the plastic surgery unit where doctors carried out the pioneering surgery to reattach the limb.

After the successful operation, Gujarat underwent several skin grafting surgeries for the remaining raw areas. It is not yet known if he will regain feeling in his arm. However, his doctors have said there are other benefits of reattaching his arm.

Consultant Dr Nitin Ghag said: ‘Any amputation and amputations of upper extremities, in particular, have a major impact on patients’ lives, as loss of function cannot affect his daily life but also hinder social interactions and capacity for work.

As major amputation occur frequently with high-energy trauma, accompanied by various and occasionally life-threatening injuries, it is important to primarily address those injuries to save the patient’s life. ‘The decision between salvaging or amputating a limb must be made rapidly.’