SUICIDAL!! See How Regina Daniels' Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Somadina Mercilessly Dragged Instagram Troll.

Somadina Adinma.
Nollywood Actor.

Regina Daniels' alleged boyfriend Somadina was recently attacked by a troll who thought he had been 'demoted' from the elevated status where he once was.

The troll told him to go and make money so that he would not have to be the 'side nigga' he is now.

 This troll whose name on Instagram is @tom4tom44 blatantly made allusion to the recent marriage of his alleged ex-girlfriend Regina Daniels.

According to the individual, Regina 'dumped' Somadina for another man because he has no money.

Based on this assumption, @tom4tom44 urged Somadina to go make more money so as not to become someone else's side nigga.

This insult got to Somadina and he responded to his troll with the same sarcasm with which he was addressed.

Checkout their thuggish dialogue below...