Video: Ugly Moment A Lady Was Thrown Out Of The Bus By Thugs After They Murdered Her In Lagos.

A surveillance video showing the moment a lady was thrown out of a moving bus after she was killed in Lagos has been recovered.

The lady identified as Abimbola Ayanwale, was a business woman who was killed in Lagos by unidentified persons. According to one of Abimbola’s friends, the business woman had stepped out immediately after reportedly receiving a call around 8pm on Monday, June 10, 2019.

She did not return, however, at around 10:45pm, the CCTV of a shop close to the Maryland Mall captured the moment Abimbola Ayanwale’s body was thrown out of a moving Danfo bus.

Her friend says they believe she was intentionally murdered by someone who knew her as none of her valuables were stolen, neither was any of her body parts missing. This rules out the possibility of robbery or ritual.

The source revealed that her hands and legs were tied up, and she was shot before being thrown out of the bus. Her family members are now calling on the police to thoroughly investigate the matter.

The video footage from the surveillance camera showing the moment the lady was thrown out of the bus after been killed in Lagos, is available with the family and friends of the victim who are also willing to share it for proper investigation.