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Why Would It Take A Foreign Media Organization Like The BBC To Exonerate Me, A Nigerian? – Luxury Entrepreneur, Julian Osula Asks.

Mr. Julian Osula.

Over the last few days, Nigeria has been awash with a different dimension of a news story which dealt on Luxury, later, mistaken personality and then, the real truth.

A helicopter was seen somewhere in Ore, Lagos-Benin Expressway come pick up someone from a heavy traffic and without being investigated, Nigerians and their Online Publisher counterparts went to town with reports on who was behind the pickup and names were mentioned.

First, it was said that a Millionaire had actually sent the chopper to pick his girl-friend who was stuck in traffic, another and the most popular of them was the report that Businessman and Luxury Entrepreneur, Mr. Julian Osula, who also is the CEO of Julian’s Luxury was actually the person who got picked by the helicopter simply because he posted the video, same way you and I did, the man was labeled and accused of lavish living, very far from the person he is known to be.

The major twist to the whole gist is the fact that non amongst all the news platforms, both major and minor, were able to decipher the truth, as majority of Nigerians longed for the real truth of who it was who was behind the helicopter saga which caused a standstill in the airwaves in country.

It had to take the “British Broadcasting Corporation” BBC in Lagos, after “Precious Eze’s Blog” exposed the fact that Mr. Julian Osula who was initially accused, was not the one involved with the helicopter issue, to investigate and discovered the real truth behind the helicopter.

According to the BBC report, the company that owns the helicopter, Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd., revealed that someone on Ore had suffered a stroke in his car on the said date, and emergency landing and evacuation by any means possible, including the usage of the best form transportation became imperative. “It is normal to respond to emergency calls,” it added.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) on the other hand, confirmed its knowledge of the incident, saying that the helicopter had to “land in an unscheduled diversion to pick up someone.” “NCAA also said it was fully aware of the viral video of the Helicopter that landed on the highway.

“With registration number 5N – BVQ and aircraft type AW139, the pilot was compelled to land between Benin and Ore for an unscheduled job.

One Femi Adeniji from Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd had told the BBC that he didn't understand why the video had caused such a fuss, as it was normal for their company to respond to emergency situations, when there are no such public emergency services available in the country and they had done so six times in the last two months.

He said that there was no truth in the speculation that the helicopter was called by a billionaire who wanted to escape the huge traffic jam, instead, a man was suffering from high blood pressure, his driver had panicked and a doctor who was also stuck in the traffic was helping the man before the helicopter was called.

Reacting to this, the visibly very irritated Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Julian’s Luxury, Mr. Jilian Osula, says that he is very disappointed that it had to take a foreign media organization to unravel the truth behind the Helicopter case which Nigerians and their brother purveyors of falsehood, attributed to him erroneously.

According to him, “This is how Nigerians destroy their fellow Nigerians for no just cause, because they are not able to go the extra miles required to investigate a case, but would sit and wait for gossips to peddle, to the extent that an event happened in Nigeria and it had to take a foreign Media House to do what Nigerian tabloids and News Agencies could not do”.

Such an embarrassing moment it was for me and my business concerns to have been labeled so heavily in the Media, but I’m grateful the matter has finally been laid to rest, Mr. Osula ended.

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