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Abike Dabiri Meets Augustine Nwagbara, Nigerian Professor Dismissed In Ghana

A Nigerian professor, Augustine Nwagbara, dismissed by the University of Education (UEW), Ghana, has met the chairman/chief executive officer of Nigeria Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Igbere TV reports.

The professor paid her a courtesy visit in Abuja on Thursday.

The university on June 19 dismissed Nwagbara over “unethical and damning” comments he made about the country and its education system.

Prof. Nwagbara had appeared in a viral video urging a group of people to employ the media from Nigeria to reshape the reportage of Nigerians based in Ghana.

At the meeting with Mrs Dabiri-Erewa, he said his dismissal from the university was unethical and should be reversed in the interest of the institution.

He queried the process the university adopted in addressing the matter.

“If a panel is set up to probe a professor, it should be made up of people not below the position of a professor and if found guilty he goes to a second panel and then to the University council.

“The fastest the process can be is two months but this happened in less than 15 minutes,” he said.

Nwagbara said he got some computer experts from University of Lagos who tracked the viral video and discovered it was a Ghanian journalist, who had been consistently promoting Xenophobia that posted the video.

“The journalist excluded context from the video because the video was actually supposed to show a meeting with people making contributions but instead the video was doctored and stitched,” he said.

Dabiri-Erewa welcomed him back to Nigeria and invited him to use some space at the commission to share his intellectual wealth of knowledge and experience.

“We will engage the authorities and we will work together for the development of Africa,” she said.

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