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The Leaders of the South-West.

I have known Asiwaju Bola Ahmed TINUBU since 1999. I was a member of the Transition Group that heralded his highly successful government as Lagos Governor in 1999. He is a dogged fighter and cerebral politician. Witty, brilliant, intelligent and very focused, Bola Tinubu is not given to flippancy and frivolity. Our National Leader deserves all the accolades he has been getting especially now as the conscience of the polity. Although, extremely committed to the cause of his people-the Yoruba, he is a hard-core Nationalist and a bridge builder of immense quality. 

His vast contributions to the current political dispensation cannot be undermined and discounted on the altar of political expediency. And tendencies. Although, this write-up is not in anyway a commissioned PR job to launder the image of this highly respected statesman, his recent visit to Ondo State to calm nerves and reposition our great party-the All Progressives Congress (APC) for success in future elections is not only commendable but timely.

To demonstrate the seriousness of his mission, he came with other highly respected leaders of the party like Papas Bisi Akande and Segun Osoba (Happy 80th Birthday and congratulations on the successful launch of your book in Lagos Sir). With other notable leaders of the state and regional APC, the parley was significant and memorable.

Since 2014, even before the formation of APC, the camp of the progressives in Ondo State has been roughened. The troubled guber primaries in 2016 made matters worse as it became “everybody to himself, GOD for us all”. Therefore, no one needed a soothsayer to suggest that only a genuine reconciliation can heal the massively disjointed party, moving forward. 

My discussion with both Chief Pius Akinyelure and Pastor Kole Oluwajana few days before the parley was reassuring. They both reasoned that we must put our house in order to sustain the gains the party had recorded despite the challenges. According to this respected duo. peace and unity in the party are not negotiable. They should know. While the former was the immediate National Vice Chair of our admirable party in the South West, the later is the incumbent and luckily for us, both are distinguished and credible elders despite the circumstances of the change of guard between them last year. They both know the dire consequences of a divided house to the success of a venture let alone an incumbent political party with a lot of goodwill and political advantage. 

This position I think pervaded the air as the leaders met early this week and am glad tangible progress was recorded. Those who expected fracas, disharmony and rancour were disappointed. The other parties and groups who were waiting to benefit politically from a rancorous meeting and gathering left with huge discontent.

We are back as a united front in Ondo State APC. I commend Governor Akeredolu for his mature attitude and successful hosting of the event. The meeting also afforded the leaders a first hand assessment of the conduct and performance of the Akeredolu government since he came on board in 2017. To many, Akeredolu has done enough to justify his election in 2017. And if he chooses to sustain the tempo till 2025, the successful fact-finding/reconciliation meeting will provide a platform and pointer. Although, the issue of “second term” was not really on the agenda of the meeting, it remained a non-listed, quiet agenda especially in the hearts of ambitious politicians and their supporters. 

And if there is any factor that will determine 2020 primaries in Ondo State, it is performance and cohesion. Happily, a lot is being done by the Akeredolu administration to gain the confidence of the electorate and to sway them to the side of our great party. We should maintain, consolidate and build on this. To those who think Asiwaju has made up his mind to jettison the exploits of the Akeredolu administration should conduct a true evaluation of the politics of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We all saw how Governor Fashola secured a second time due to reason and common sense. Asiwaju is not a fool. He is a strategic thinker. He is a flexible and intelligent leader. He knows when to strike. And he also knows when to withdraw. He forgives and forgets easily.

On a final note, let’s all unite and build a very formidable party in Ondo State. Let’s all support the healing process with open mind. We cannot gain anything through unnecessary and avoidable rancour and failure.

Long Live APC in Ondo State
Long Live the Federal Republic Of Nigeria 


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