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Beyonce Gives Meghan Markle A Very Sweet Nick Name At The Lion King Premiere.

Back in February, the reigning royals of the music world, Beyoncé and Jay Z, caused a stir when they accepted a BRIT Award while stood in front of a portrait of Meghan Markle wearing a crown.

The couple 'bowed down' to the real royal as they stood with their trophy and thanked people for the honour.

Ever since that moment, the rest of the world has been desperate for the two powerful ladies to meet in reality - and on Sunday, their wishes finally came true.

The pair met in person at the European premiere of The Lion King in London and fans have just noticed something very interesting about their encounter.

A video of Beyoncé giving Meghan a hug has gone viral on Twitter , as people realised that the superstar greeted the duchess by using a sweet nickname.

As she goes in for a hug, the Formation singer grins and proclaims "My Princess" in her new friend's ear.

Unsurprisingly people went wild over the adorable moment, with thousands sharing and liking a gif of it.

One person said: "Ugh you can tell how sincere she was too and so happy."

Another commented: "I've watched this moment so many times and it gives me chills."

A third added: "My heart!"

"This is so sweet, love for both Queens," replied someone else.

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